NAC Tech Expands Digital Transformation Footprint with Acquisition of Dunn Solutions Group Inc.

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At NAC Tech Solution, we blend creativity with technology to craft software that speaks to the heart. If you're seeking a stellar career in an extraordinary setting, look no further.Join our team where talent meets opportunity! Our streamlined hiring process ensures the perfect fit, blending technical prowess with cultural harmony. Experience a seamless journey from resume to offer, unlocking your potential in a dynamic software realm.As pioneer tech-driven solutions that redefine ease and simplicity in people's lives,we welcome you to be the part of us.

Balance Work and Play for Maximum Success with Elite Bonds Why is NAC Tech solution your best choice?

Exciting Projects

NAC takes on intricate projects, leveraging technology for simplified solutions.

Flexible Schedules

We accommodate our brilliant team's schedules for optimum results.

Sleek App Designs

NAC crafts captivating apps designed to impress and allure.

Serene Settings

We prefer peaceful locations, away from urban chaos and traffic.

Elite Clientele

Our clients are small to medium-sized businesses that value strong relationships.

Award-Winning Team

Our team boasts a history of prestigious awards and accolades.

Dynamic Workforce

We work smart and play hard, ensuring peak productivity at all times.

Creative Culture

Encouraging creativity is at the core of NAC, driving innovative success.

Beyond Resumes:

Beyond the ordinaryHow do we hire?

Our hiring process is a journey that seeks to discover not just skills, but creative minds ready to reshape the future. Join us to be a part of a dynamic team where talent meets innovation.


Initial Screening

Review resumes for essential qualifications and skills.


Cultural Fit Interview

Assess alignment with company values and culture.


Technical Assessment

Evaluate problem-solving abilities and technical skills.


Team Interaction

Arrange informal discussions with potential team members


Final Evaluation and Offer

Conduct a final interview and present a comprehensive offer.


Submit resumes


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Whether you have a technical questionor ready to start cooperation Artkai team remain committed to assist with your selection needs

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